Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY Crocheting Projects

To Crochet or not crochet reprinted with permission from

mini purse by CityCrochet
Crocheting requires only yarn and a crochet hook.  The bigger the hook, the bigger the stitches will be.  There are many different stitches you can learn as you progress with this hobby, but here are some simple projects with which you can start.  Take a look at these eight blog posts to see if you might like to try crocheting.

orange wrap bracelet by AssiaDesign

Thanks for these bloggers for their contributions!
@makeandtakes for beginning crochet tips
@CaughtOnAWhim for the slouchy beanie
@cRAfterChick for the crochet baby bibs
@SummersAcres for the crochet dishcloth instructions

Thanks to these etsy members for their gorgeous photos of their crochet arts!