Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Did you hear about my online art classes???

In case you haven't heard-- I have been tooting my horn all over facebook, hinting around my blog and twitter-- but y'know, there is so much noise out these you may not have heard--- I am now offering online art classes! I am so proud to tell you what I have up my sleeve. You see, these classes are not just me, but I've got two other fabulous artists on board to teach with how to paint treesme! These classes are oh so affordable. (you save so much money over attending a live class with me or another artist) We decided for the first course to concentrate on sharing our tree secrets. AND-- this is not a live stream-- these classes are taped so you can view and review the classes as much as you need to! Best of all, we have a private online viewing site where you can chat with us and other art students as well as share your art with us ( if you want to) or just ask questions. So you see, this is SOOO much better than buying a book or DVD where you can't talk to the artists.

 (Want to learn more? you can read about it in my online art class !)

 Fun finds spotted today on etsy!!!