Friday, March 15, 2013

Another secret about me...

I love to knit 
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
Knitted Baby blanket by spinningsheep
Yesterday I told you I was a math geek, and today I will tell you I am a knitter. Sound like the two don't go together? Well then you obviously haven't made an aran sweater with shaping. The complex cables and counting rows require superduper math skills that would put any physicist to shame. My favorite times to knit are when I am waiting to pick up my kids, during their music recitals, and in front of Project Runway, my favorite t.v show or getting my hair done ( so now you now another secret about me!) 
Mint green headband by HandMadeWind

Today I was emailed from another blogger who asked if I would share her post here with my readers. Since it was all about knitting projects I am totally for it. I added knitting projects from very talented knitters I found on etsy ( I only knit as a hobby)

so here it is thanks to (excerpt reprinted with permission)

Knitting Projects
Knitted Aran Pillow by PreciousKnits
Much like crocheting, with knitting you only need yarn and two knitting needles.  There are other tools for counting stitches and for knitting in a circle and things like that, but those are advanced tools and not needed in the beginning.  These blogs will share projects in varying degrees of difficulty.  Some you want to start with, and others you may strive to do someday.

Knitted toy by TheRobinsonsHouse
 More wonderful knitters on etsy!