Thursday, March 14, 2013

A little secret about me....

I am an artist...but I really am a math geek at heart.
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

Owl Art Ornament
I am a math geek it is true. That means, not only am I good at math-- but I really, really like it. I get excited when my kids ask me for homework help. I love when the dates have cool number patterns. I tutor kids in math-- well it is good money-- but I really like solving problems-- and getting them to like math a little better. I turn every problem into a mini art project...You know-- you need to solve that geometry problem with different colored sharpies.. and you can see that the parallelogram's area is the same as a rectangle if you cut it out and move one triangle over here...

But really art is a math problem to me too-- it is very technical, and like putting together a puzzle---especially collage!-- it stimulates the same part of my brain. ...oh, and don't tell me there are right-brained and left-brained people and artists aren't supposed to be good at math because that is just hogwash.. the greatest artists of all time were engineers-- like Leonardo Da Vinci... and I think Gauguin was a stockbroker before he ran off to Tahiti.
so anyway, yeah. Today is pi day. This is the day that M.I.T sends out their acceptance letters...and checking around etsy I saw a lot of artists who are inspired by this really cool symbol too. 

(and I almost forgot to tell you! You can get 31% off in my etsy shop today for pi day-- use coupon code PIDAY-- etsy wouldn't let me do the 31.4%-- oh well)
Today March 14= 3.14is also known as Pi day! 
Look at all the cool things I found on etsy today while searching for pi!!!