Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LUCK MAITH and enjoy the journey

A Journey of the Imagination by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

celtic art
enjoy the journey
Last week during her school break. My daughter was lucky enough to go with her school orchestra to Ireland. They performed in conservatories and churches from Cork to Dublin; kissed the Blarney Stone and brought back fisherman knit sweaters.  I stayed home and made art and dreamed of visiting. The parents paid for their children's trip-- we are lucky also that we live in  a district that organized the trip and also that the community can afford to pay for that experience. Had we lived elsewhere, the school may not have wanted to organize such a luxury. 

celtic art
Live in the Moment
The shamrock art featured here celebrate Celtic heritage with the shamrock. Each original art is unique. One with a puffy shamrock, another with hearts and a jeweled center and two with keys and music notes. The art is small enough to decorate the knob on a dresser or a door knob but could also decorate your front door.
The petite size also makes a great desk ornament.

irish art
possibility begins with imagination
The emerald green and chartreuse colors are appropriate for St Patrick's day, but enjoy these wall hangings all year round. A green beaded copper colored wire adorns the canvas. A chartreuse green ribbon holds the metal plaque with inspirational quotes. You will absolutely love this art! To collect one (or more!) follow your heart to this link!

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