Friday, January 25, 2013

Watercolor Demonstration of Purple and Yellow Bearded Irises

Lemons and Violets
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
flower art
new Original watercolor painting!
I produced my third watercolor video! They are starting to get easier as I learn editing tricks (such as deleting my bad jokes) I wish I could add a laugh track like they do on sitcoms... I wonder if I could do that....

This video is about 25 minutes long-- I think I am actually limited to 30 minutes on youtube anyway. Since I like making the videos, this won't be that last from me!

I am preparing to start teaching online art classes...but in addition to that I will continue to make these free videos to post on youtube that I hope will appeal to both art students AS WELL as people who are not painters but just enjoy watching the painting process.

I have been focusing in my first series, mostly on watercolor florals because I had noticed my inventory was really low and people love, love, love watercolor flowers for mother's day. ALSO, in addition to selling the art I license my art to products on cafepress, and I love the way the floral art looks on the fabrics.

WHAT do YOU think of this color combination?