Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Taping Tulips for Art Demonstrations

Tulip Trouble 
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt 

floral fabric on toss pillow
Orange piped tulip pillow
I still need to keep practicing my video taping and editing skills so I made another watercolor demonstration.  This time I even taped my face introducing the video. I was relaxed and kept up witty banter throughout. Then, when I ran out of room on my memory card, I loaded everything to my editing program; edited for a few hours and then taped some more. Unfortunately, I didn't realized that my editing program doesn't make its own copy of the video clips-- it simply links to the disc locations. So when I taped the last 10 minutes of the demo-- which I planned to show in fast forward mode with no audio instruction-- I lost all of my previous work!!!!  At least I was doing this for practice and not for my online art classes!! Still, too bad-- my jokes were awesome...but now I can recycle them for the next video! What remains is still an entertaining 3 minute video-- and I was able to put in a little humor even without the audio. Better luck next time. 

Bucket Bag
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Laptop messenger bag
In the meanwhile, I have this pretty, bright watercolor painting that pictures colorful tulip flowers in a garden.The modern floral has decorative colors of pink, orange, yellow, green & blue. I also added new products to my cafepress shop featuring this design.

You can also collect the original watercolor painting from my etsy shop. I will try to also add my latest watercolor to my imagekind print on demand site asap!!!

Stylish Tote Bag

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