Thursday, January 24, 2013

No more art making until I clean up!

Bless this Mess
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

Apron by ImaginAprons
Ever watch the show Hoarders? No, no I am not that bad.I know where my cat is... my kids sleep in their beds... and my house is actually professional cleaned each week so the bathrooms and kitchens are clean and the floors are vacuumed......but neat and organized? Well that is another story.
Creative AND neat???

In December I had the excuse that I has so many orders to fill and besides the housework, I really have no help with running my kids around. Picking up, is usually my last priority. I do clean my studio every Monday morning since I teach watercolor classes in my home studio on Mondays and I also make sure the bathroom my students use and the hallways they walk through don;t have my kids' laundry on the floor. HOWEVER, if you peeked into my hall closet there are literally archeological layers.

I knew things had gotten out of hand last month when my son's xbox went missing. It is still missing. And it is somewhere in my home. I had been unplugging it each week and stashing it in the same hall closet mentioned above. Sometimes, when he sneaks it out before his allotted day, I have hidden it in other closets.. so it could be there. Also, sometimes, my son will hide things from me so that I can not hide them from him!!! So... he may also have hidden it. Either way, neither of us knows where it is, or who hid it last. 

Honestly I could care less about that xbox. I hate that thing. I think instead of stronger gun control laws, I wish the lawmakers would focus instead on banning these games that glorify violence and ruin my son's grades. Yet, the fact remains, that the downstairs closet-- oh yes, and my car-- is a complete embarrassment. So until these two areas have been straightened up there will be no more art for me!

xo Miriam

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