Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year's Art Goal #2: online video classes!!!

You asked for it and here they come!
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

interactive online art classes
Many have approached me on etsy and elsewhere about whether I teach online classes. I decided this year to make that a reality. I want to be able to team teach with some of the other great artists I know around the world as well. 

I have been working around the clock doing everything I normally do ( creating art, helping my kids with homework, tutoring my neighbor's kids(!), updating etsy, blogging,  etc) and now also building a platform so that I can upload private videos and have a forum where I can interact with students. I am so excited to see this dream become a reality.

The hardest part ( for me, at least) so far is actually making the video. It is so intimidating once the cameras start rolling. If only I can put the whole demo in fast forward mode and just add music-- but these are going to teaching videos so I have to talk. One of the artists who I recruited actually asked me--"Do I have to talk?" Us artists are such visual people and not used to the sound of our voices except when it is to talks to our studio pets.

I don't want to announce just yet who the other artists are-- but I have an early registration set up. The first online class is going to be all about trees! I have 3 other artists whose work you may be familiar with-- if not you should! 

You will just love these video classes which also offer you a private artist interactive social site where you can meet and interact with other art students just like if you signed up for a live class. As a working mom, I know how difficult it is to find time to do things you love and especially to take classes so these online courses offer you the chance to view the videos at your convenience. Moreover, this experience is better than just buying a DVD as you can interact with fellow students and teachers who are all professional selling artists!

Online art classes from me to take wherever you live, wherever you are whenever you want! For every class you will have unlimited access to videos to watch whenever you have time to do the lesson or to watch again and again. You can join a class at anytime, and during the "live" part will the artist teachers will be available to give you advice on your art because you can upload your art right on our site. How cool is that?

Four Video Series in Painting Trees!!
Think about how much money you save, You would have to spend hundreds to take classes in person with each of these teachers and for this price you can learn right from your kitchen table. What were your goals this year? If you want to learn new art techniques, this will be it.

Tree Inspiration found on etsy today ( and hints on the guest teachers!!!)