Monday, January 21, 2013

Multicultural Modern Design

Interview with Designer Valerie Tyler
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

Valerie Tyler with her collection
Valerie Tyler makes her home near the Cuyahoga Valley National park, which is just outside of the great industrial city of Cleveland. So you will find an interesting dichotomy of both natural and industrial influences.  She describes her jewelry style as  "multicultural modern"and is influenced by the designs and patterns in various cultures such as Asian, Moroccan, and tribal, etc.. Her work encompasses the modern ideals of simplicity, minimalism and geometric form. 

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How did you begin creating jewelry?
I am primarily a self taught artist. I've learned a lot of techniques through trial and error and experimentation. I did take one jewelry course as an elective in college which taught me the basics and got me interested. Now, I have been creating and selling jewelry on Etsy (Valerie Tyler Designs)  for over 5 years.

Why do you enjoy working with metal?
Metal is indeed my favorite medium and I am particularly happy pounding away on it with a hammer. I love texture and pattern.

How do you get inspired? 
I take inspiration from everywhere. Long walks through the woods, examining the world through a camera lens, observing trends online and in magazines and visiting art shows and events are all very inspiring.
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How do you manage your time?
I wake up and think I have to get a bit of work done before breakfast. I get sucked into the internet printing orders, responding to messages, make Etsy treasuries and doing online promo and then realize I basically missed breakfast. Breakfast then becomes pretty much brunch several hours later. I'll hit the studio and make orders,or possibly create some new pieces and photograph and list them. Depending on the season I prep for art shows, or make pieces to apply to art shows. I might take a break to clean my house of have a cup of tea but more often than not it's evening before I know it.

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What is your studio space like?  
I absolutely love my studio. I have an entire room devoted to design, jewelry photography and inventory storage. My husband built me floor to ceiling shelves that have a lovely, rustic look to them. I do most of my hammering and sawing on old, sturdy vintage teachers desk. I also keep my jewelry handbooks and collection of small art pieces here. My home corners a national park so I get to look out at gorgeous large evergreen trees. I also work from an office space at times with a bird feeder on the deck, or out in a garage doing soldering or more dirty work. (Needless to say the garage space is my least favorite)

multicultural modern jewelry designs
Does art run in the family?
My mother was a fantastic painter, though just as a hobby. I had never ending access to art supplies and craft supplies from acrylic paint, to collage materials to clay and stamps.

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