Friday, January 18, 2013

Making my dreams real: Online Art Classes

Pretty Peonies 
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt 

floral watercolor
I made my goal this year to teach online art classes-- and so far this month I have been working on all the different steps I need to take to reach that goal. For whatever reason, burying myself in all the nitty gritty of creating the platform for the classes setting up affiliate payments for my teachers, etc, etc was less intimidating than creating the video. Now mind you, I have taught watercolor classes for many years and I am very comfortable as a teacher, but the minute the cameras started rolling there was a different kind of pressure.

coin purse to keep the essentials handy!
Ironically, I fixed my hair and did my makeup-- which were never actually shown in the video. I should have changed out of my ratty banana yellow shirt and mismatched sweatpants-- which I thought was so cool when I bought it because it was "bamboo" yellow one of the Pantone Fall forecast colors for 2011.

To take the plunge I decided I would finish one of the paintings I had started for the previous day's watercolor class. When I teach I normally only spend 20-30 minutes demonstrating and the rest of the time I walk around the classroom helping students with their paintings. So I end up with a bunch of unfinished paintings!

Add this Shoulder Bag to your spring Ensembles!
So yeah, I was nervous, and in the beginning of the video I mumbled a lot-- which I think I edited out of the final version. I also added pretty guitar music ( yes, from the public domain!) to fill in the gaps of crickets. As the tape went on, I found myself getting more and more comfortable. ...and now I am even looking forward to making the next video!

Serving Tray with Pink Peony Design
Since my first video was mostly for practice you get to see it for free on my youtube channel! woo-hoo. I was truly happy with the painting I made which I titled "Pretty Peonies" because if you watch the video you will hear me say pretty like a million times. Now I see why Christy Tomlinson keeps saying "cute"! ( whom I have new respect for..these videos are a LOT of work. As I paint I constantly had to keep checking my monitor to make sure I wasn't blocking the art with my hands, or my head. And yes, it took hours to edit-- but I think that is because I am new-- at least I hope that's why-- in the future I am hoping it will be a snap!

Art Mug with Spring Flowers
When I was done with the video editing I had a long wait while the video processed and then uploaded to youtube-- which failed the first time because I forgot I had youtube blocked since my 12 year old wastes too much time on it! So I unblocked this morning and reloaded-- worked this time-- but did take a long time-- maybe because my video was HD quality. Hope you enjoy it!

Makeup/Toiletry Bag as beautiful as you are!
While the video was processing and loading I used my peony painting to design these great products you see on the blog post on cafepress. My favorites are the shoulder bag and the art mug, which one is yours???

$36 For Four Video Series in Painting Trees!!
If you are interested in my online art classes the first one will be a team taught class all about trees! Please join me and my artist friends!

Pink Peonies on @etsy!