Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Do you believe in magic?

Interview with Artificer Workshop
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt 
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Artificer Workshop is a small group of artisans who share a common interest and intention in forging talismans. Tools for transformation and transmutation. This project has been constructed by the founder, Jon Emm. He has been on this path of creating jewelry for 7 years now. On this path he discovered a beautiful vision in manifesting a collective of artists, who are hand making affordable jewelry talismans, to share with humanity. What makes Jon Emm's vision special is the intent he carries.. it is what separates our jewelry from jewelry that is factory made. Each piece has its own story. Its own vibration. No two are exactly the same.

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schulmanArt: How long have you been selling etsy?
Etsy has been an amazing outlet for us to expand our work. As well as create a financial means to keep our dreams thriving. We joined March, 2012. It has been less then a year and we are starting to get the hang of things. Etsy has been a way for us to give people that we meet, and people we have never met, the opportunity to use the internet to be apart of an underground market, where we can buy art and hand made goods, using money to reciprocate. It feels like a more personal experience for us, which is important in the work we are doing. We have used the West coast, Underground, Visionary Art, Festival scene as a means to sell our goods. Through the genuine experience of vending at festivals, we can have a personal, one on one, exchange with our customers. Guiding them in the experience of choosing a stone or a talisman, or educating them about stones or talismans. There are amazing opportunities many times where we generate a customer base of people who want 'custom' made talismans. This is where our work can flourish because we then become the conduit for our intuition to express itself in forging a healing tool.

What do you use to create your pieces? 

Our focal medium is gemstones and various types of metal wire. These mediums together creates Cold Fusion, also known as Wire Wrapping. They are a powerful medium to work with because of the resonance that the gemstones and the metal. Each with its own unique properties. They correspond amazingly with each other. We research these properties and pair the stones and metals according intention of the resonance we want to forge.

Where do you get your inspiration

Artificer Workshop is fully activated by Esoteric teachings and manifesting those teachings into physical form. We are creating talismans. A talisman is an object carries Magick. Magick is created through intention. Each piece of jewelry has the intent on personal healing and growth. A way we can identify that these crystals or gemstones, are a conduit for the vibrations we witness within ourselves. They can stimulate powerful reflections within our being.

Why do you find this work rewarding?
It is a pure blessing to make such powerful connections. So much gratitude to all those individuals who have been apart of this journey with us, and nature for being such a sturdy foundation, providing us with so many resources to sustain and manifest our dreams.

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