Wednesday, January 2, 2013

5 Art Goals for 2013

Wondering what I plan on this year?
by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

Handmade heart shaped ring box
More interviews on my blog-- my goal is 40 interviews in 2013. The artist interviews are so popular. Two of my most visited blog posts last year were both artist interviews. I love doing them too because it's great to get inspiration from other artists! I love hearing how they get and stay motivated and their journey to becoming a professional artist.

online classes-- Many have approached me on etsy and elsewhere about whether I teach online classes. I decided this year to make that a reality. I want to be able to team teach with some of the other great artists I know around the world as well.

getting crafty! not just 2-d fine art, but now I am making lovely crafts like ring boxes, holiday ornaments and more!

Peacock Painting, 4x6'
working big and small! Last year I made my largest canvas ever! I painted a 4x6' peacock...this year I will continue to make large canvases but I also have plans to work small. How small? Well I ordered a shipment from DickBlick of 4x4", 6x6" and 8x8" canvases that I plan to fill with big ideas.

Be more giving! I did a few giveaways on my facebook fanpage in 2012 but in 2013 I plan on doing lots and lots of giveaways!! Today I gave away a pillow

What are your goals for 2013???
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