Monday, December 3, 2012

Pregnant in Heels inspired this Ultrasound Artist

Interview with Alisann Smookler
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
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How long have you been selling professionally and on etsy
I began selling on Etsy one year ago. It has been a great way to showcase my love for art and sewing.
Where did you study art?
I studied Art Education at the University of Texas, The Art Museum of El Paso and several private artists throughout the county. I have been painting since I was 10. When I created my first painting I used Acrylics and continue to love the versatility and brilliance of them. When I began working with my newest art pieces, Baby Ultrasound Art, I began working in Digital Art combined with a hands on studio process.

etsy shop name Abee's Art Studio
How do you get inspired? 
My inspiration came from watching Pregnant in Heels. The expectant parents would decorate the baby's nursery in beautiful furniture, linens, toys, accessories and then hang a framed black and white picture of the baby's ultrasound on the wall. It really affected me and I thought there has to be something, as an artist, I can do to make that ultrasound a work of art. The focus is easy. Every time I receive an ultrasound in my email and am given the theme or colors to use, it is starts a wonderful creative process. No two are alike and that is what I love about the final piece of art.

artist website
Baby Ultrasound Art
What is your studio space like? 
My studio is located in my home. It is set up so that I have everything I need in one amazing place. The energy in the room is ideal for my creativity side. It is actually located in the Fame Gua (Feng Shui) of my home which energizes my creativity. It has a large window that faces into my backyard and I can see our pool, waterfall, wonderful landscaping, Camelback Mountain and Abee when she is sunning on her cot by the pool. It does not get much better than that. Abee is my rescue pup who has been with me for 2 years. She is amazing and always by my side when I am working.My Etsy Shop  is actually named for her Abee's Art Studio.

twitter name @ArtbuAlisann and @AbeeAccessories
How has your parents influence you creatively?
My parents were so supportive of my art. My grandmother was very artistic, so I think I got the "gene" from her. Both of my daughter's are very artistic and it is so wonderful to know it has been passed on. When my oldest daughter asked me to teach her how to paint, it was truly a joy to be asked and to teach her. Turns out, she had it in her all along and really did not need much training. She is a natural as is my youngest daughter who creates beautiful jewelry.

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