Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief: Art for Charity

by Miriam Schulman, @SchulmanArt

Sales of art support "Save the Children"
Yes, I lost power for seven days...which meant no heat, no refrigeration, no light, no tv's or internet. However, my home was left intact, my family unharmed and so as my power returned I decided to refocus my efforts from crises mode to helping mode. Of course, I have to finish my commissions and get out the orders that came in from around the world from places unaffected by the storm but I also spent some time setting up my own relief efforts to help those less fortunate.

Art Sales Support "Save the Children"!
I am so grateful that all I suffered was a one week inconvenience unlike many more who lost their homes. Therefore, I want to help by DONATING 10% of all art sales through eBay to Save the Children: Emergency Response. This non-profit responds to emergencies that put the survival, protection, and well-being of significant numbers of children at risk. Your donation to the Save the Children Emergency Fund will help address all the crises to which Save the Children responds, including our work to meet the needs of children in families affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you love my art and want to help these children affected by the hurricane you can help them through sales of my art.

One of the many artworks available for Charity!

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Some of you know I sell my art primarily through etsy these days but ebay offered me two features that etsy does not have. First, I could choose a charity of my choice to support and second, eBay allows art collectors to make offers on art. All reasonable offers will be considered!

Other featured artists from etsy are not part of charity sales-- to make an offer on an art for charity, check out eBay