Monday, October 15, 2012

Mixing Bright Painting with Earth Tones

Potted Peacock
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

earth tone decorating ideas
Schulman's peacock artwork in a Kathryn M. Ireland decorated room, sofas and chairs by George Smith
You can marry bright colors in artwork with a room grounded with earth tones. In this Kathryn M. Ireland decorated room, plump seating in white and terracotta with earthen tiles form the rustic backdrop. The peacock painting works in this room because of the terracotta clay pots in the painting pulls the oranges together. The bright blues, reds and pink harmonize with the other colors with a southwestern vibe. This painting is as big as it looks in the photo as it is three feet wide and tall. This will make a truly dramatic focal point for any room you choose to hang it in.

More Notes on Peacock Artwork:
Looking for dramatic peacock wall decor in modern bright chartreuse, orange and teal blue? This extra large artwork is created on a square oversized canvas that measures 3x3' (36x36"). This peacock struts in front of three terracotta planters with bright orange-red and pink flowers.

Detail of Peacock Painting
If you are looking for a large painting to make a dramatic statement over the mantelpiece, the sofa or in a foyer, this peacock art will enhance your home decor. Another great decorating idea is to put this huge painting in a dining room over the banquet or over a bed. Wherever you decide to display the peacock art the artwork will give you pleasure throughout the years.
Details of teal, sapphire blue, honey gold colors
Art reduces stress by increasing relaxation, enjoyment and inner calm. After you buy this peacock painting it will hang in your home and you will get enjoyment from it every time you look at it. This peacock art enhances any room that it is displayed in. Just knowing that this original art completes your interior design can lift the mood of the room and everyone in it.
Potted Peacock, 3x3', 36x36" peacock art
Title: Potted Peacock
Size: 36x36" Three by Three FEET gallery wrapped Canvas, 3/4" profile
Colors: bright chartreuse yellow green gold, teal blue, sapphire, orange
Media: Gallery Wrapped Canvas-no glass required for framing, comes pre-stretched and ships flat

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