Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Creative Gift Ideas for Weddings

Summer Brides

new blog post by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

Custom Bridal Bouquet Painting created from photograph
Summer is upon us and with the season come wedding invitations. If you want to choose a unique creative gift that the bride and groom will treasure forever, think about artwork that commemorates that special day. Since common etiquette says you have a year to give a gift, you can send me a snapshot of the bride's wedding bouquet or table setting and I can turn that into a custom watercolor painting of their favorite flowers.

Of course this type of present also makes the ideal anniversary or birthday gift. In the commission featured left the "bride" was celebrating a 20th wedding anniversary and her sister-in-law is surprising her with this special gift you know she will love.

Personalized matching card, shipped in bridal white
For this art patron, I went the extra mile and printed a matching birthday card. I send my matted fine art prints and watercolors in white flat mailers. Since I knew this was going directly to the recipient I decided to gift wrap it in wrapping paper by One Kings Lane.  Maybe you can’t judge a gift by its wrapping—but a beautifully wrapped gift certainly makes an especially fabulous first impression and adds an extra-special flair.

Artist Editions Gift Wrap by One Kings Lane, wrapping paper designed Dr. David Stark
Perhaps you don't want to come to the wedding empty handed. In that case you may want to send me the plain wedding invitation and I will send it back to you embellished with watercolor flowers. This wedding guest was able to tell me the bride's flower arrangements and I added the flowers as a hand painted watercolor floral border all the way around the artwork. A masterpiece that is frame-able and will make a wonderful wedding keepsake.

Send me the plain invitation
embellished with watercolor flowers