Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Father knows best

Interview with Fashion Illustrator Linda Tinfena
interview by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

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How did you become interested in fashion illustration?
I have always loved fashion illustration. I grew up in France where Gruau's illustrations were everywhere, then Antonio Lopez came on the scene and all hell broke loose. When I first came to America, one of the first person I met was the great fashion illustrator Tony Viramontes, he and I would draw together and discuss things and cruise around.

You have a lot of corporate clients-- how do they find you?
I have been bold and shown my work to all my corporate clients on a whim and they responded and hired me on the spot. I should be bold more often.

How do you get inspired?
I used to get inspired by fashion magazines but they have been so ugly and ridiculous lately and the fashion is so bad and the models so sad, I look elsewhere... there are some amazing bloggers, tumblers and I use photos I take of my friends or the people I shoot when I work as a photographer, or just people with an innate sense of style walking down the street, whatever makes me stop and look twice is what inspires me.

What is your studio space like?:
My studio space is very organized, of course that changes as soon as I get inspired, but I put everything back in its place. I actually have a whole room where I can create and work in, with a whole shelf where my cat can sit and watch me draw and fall asleep.

How has your parents influenced you creatively ?
I think in the life of every artist, there is someone who taught them to see
early on and for me, that someone was my dad. He was the one who took the whole family to Italy to show us Michelangelo's work. I remember him pointing at the marble statue of Moses and saying that there was blood in those veins and you know what? he was right. I also remember him calling me out from another room to show me how amazing a red onion sliced in half looked. It is also true that I grew up without TV because he thought TV was poison and excuse me for pointing out the obvious but he was right again, wasn't he?