Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Extreme Cropping and Large Scale Make Watercolor Portrait Modern

Adding Modernity to Portraiture
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
One of the most exciting aspects of accepting commissions is the new directions that clients will push me in. Although watercolor is an unconventional medium for portraits, most of my watercolor portraits are very traditional and done in a classic impressionistic style. For this commission, the client asked if I could work in a large scale with a closely cropped photo. The objective was a quality painting in a bold watercolor style where a specific likeness was not required. This set me free to have fun with the watercolor. Although the watercolor portrait wasn't supposed to be that realistic I couldn't help myself but to render the highlights of the flesh! The client was happy with the result and wants another. I was also pleased since the artist she wanted me to emulate was more abstract than the style I ultimately worked in. Although my painting is not considered abstract, the scale and the cropping make it very modern. I plan to continue with these close ups since they result in a very graphic and intimate portrait. 

Right now I am running a special on this style portrait. This listing is for an modern watercolor portrait of a closeup face from your photo of anyone's face. You know this would make a great Mother's or Father's day present if you want to do your children but a bridal portrait would look great too. Spouses always flip for these and the kids love having paintings of themselves too This offer at a great price is available through Father's Day. Hurray for Mother's Day delivery.

size: 15x22" on high Quality Arches Watercolor Paper