Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wonderful Wellfleet Watercolors

Landscape Series 
@schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman
Watercolor Landscape depicts Hatch's Fruit Market in Wellfleet
What does summer vacation mean to you? Yes, I am already fantasizing about summer. With spring break just gone by it seems that it is a sprint to the finish for my school age kids. Yesterday's teasingly warm weather also tickled my imagination and my mind traveled to summer vacations and long lazy days. When I think of my vacation I think not only of the warm sandy beaches, but also of the simpler pleasures of picking out fresh fruit and produce and buying fresh fish for dinner.

Painting of Cape Cod pictures Hatch's Fish Market
The three watercolor paintings featured in this blog post depict the charming beach town of Wellfleet in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This trio of paintings highlights those simpler pleasures of summer. Where fresh local produce is around the corner and you can get the most succulent peaches. When my family goes to Wellfleet in Cape Cod at the end of the summer we love shopping at Hatch's Fish Market and also at Wellfleet Market.

Hatch's Fish Market is in the center of Wellfleet and a must stop for any beach goer to pick up fresh fish and produce to cook up at the end of a sun burnt day enjoying the beaches of Cape Cod. In Hatch's Market a mother and son are walking from the market in their casual beach clothes, the little boy topless in a bathing suit and flip flops as he enjoys a juicy peach with the nectar juice running down his fingers. This painting of Cape Cod also includes the parking lot filled with tourist cars that have their bikes on the back-- I am sure you remember going on vacation and taking long lazy bike rides and then ending the day with an ice cream or fish fry. A special artistic element of this original painting are the abstract depiction of the trees and foliage in the background of the watercolor landscape.

In Fresh Produce, the abstract landscape art includes the street scene with the colorful umbrellas and shoppers in casual beach clothes. The third painting in the series pictures Wellfleet Market which is in the center of this picturesque beach town and serves as a fresh food market, butcher, baker and general store. The abstract landscape art includes the street scene with the red and white striped awning, and shoppers in casual beach clothes. You will love this original art!

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What simple pleasures do you look forward to each summer?