Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creating Oversized Artwork

Work in Progress
@schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

I'm always getting requests for my art in larger sizes. Since my customer always knows best, I am listening to you and creating oversized artwork. Until recently this was difficult to deliver since large painting are difficult to ship at an affordable price and safely.
Artwork for sale: Dragonfly Art, Peacock Art, Chicken Art

Enter artist Patty Baker (see artist interview: Artist Finds Solution to Work Large) and her engineer Brother Michael Schwed. Their new patent pending canvas can be shipped rolled in a tube and then assembles easily by you to hang directly on your wall.

This week you can follow my progress as I work on this monster sized painting. I am only 5'3" so this painting is bigger than me. It is bigger than my work table. Heck, It is bigger than my desk. Tune in each day to this blog to watch my progress on this painting. 

Watch the video to see how the canvas assembles in under five minutes with no tools!!!