Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Poetry Prompts Painting

by Miriam Schulman, @SchulmanArt

This poem was written on request for some poetry to help inspire my new series of dragonfly paintings.

The Darner
Dragonfly Painting, ©Schulman
Dragonfly Decor, ©Schulman
Dragonfly Art, ©Schulman
by Micah Faulkner

Static darting shimmer,
to destinations hum on, urgent and pausing.
Eternal and momentary
your path is direct and unstarted, unseen,
and if they would only slow down


a moment

an instant


your flickering gossamer blades
would shine infinity for any looker to see,
null and void,
from his local shore to watch their paused
dynamic flitting flicker.

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