Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is the 2011 Color of the Year?

Honeysuckle Pink
by Miriam Schulman
Offering a sense of continuity from spring, dynamic Honeysuckle adds a bold punctuation point. This playful, reddish pink works with any other color in the palette. Flirtatious and festive, produces a healthy glow, great for makeup and  holiday soirees.
bedroom decorating ideas | bedroom decor | bedroom ideas
Decorating Inspiration for Piano Peonies
Although a beautiful woman will light up a room, the reverse is also always true. Decorating with colors that are flattering to a woman's skin flatters the women who enter. Therefore, smart women have always used color in their home to their best advantage.

Pink pillows on tan couch, Flamingo art

Pairing pink with bamboo yellow adds intensity. If you are not ready to commit your whole room to a pink decorating scheme, add honeysuckle with artwork and pillows
Detail from Piano Peonies
This stunning piece is created using a collage of piano sheet music, watercolors and acrylic on canvas. The modern wall art depicts pink peonies in a garden. 

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Filtered Sunset on the waning days of summer

Bamboo Yellow
by Miriam Schulman

Schirmer Peacock (sold) Peacock Prints Available
Bamboo, a surprising fall hue, brings a warm, exotic flavor to the season. Like a filtered sunset on the waning days of of an Indian summer, Bamboo is a standout yellow with a subtle green undertone.

This bright and stunning depiction of a peacock displaying its feathers is painted over a collage of sheet music on canvas. You can see the music when you get close up. Truly a conversation piece, the artwork may be purchased custom framed as pictured and ready to hang in your space. There are subtle hints of iridescent gold shimmer throughout the bird. The contemporary painting will fit into modern or traditional decorating styles and the colors are right on trend for your modern home.
Detail of Peacock Art

Decorating inspiration comes from placing the peacock art on a smokey blue wall. The bedspreads are in a neutral cedar green, right on trend for the season. The peacock painting with its golden yellow feathers acts as a dramatic focal point and will complement most decors.
Shown to scale in actual Room View  

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Romancing the Stone

Quarry Blue
by Miriam Schulman
Decorating Inspiration using a smoky blue-gray painted wall
Pantone is fashion's leading authority on color. By surveying the designers and trendsetters in the fashion and home decorating industries they bring a biannual report of color trends each year. One color not to miss is "Quarry" blue. This reliable medium gray remains a practical, dependable staple. Almost a sea green, the color blue on the walls make any room tranquil and peaceful. According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute® “Designers take a painterly approach to fall 2011 by artfully combining bright colors with staple neutrals, reminiscent of how an artist would construct a stunning work of art...Much like a painter's masterpiece, there is a certain romance to this season's palette.”

In this swan painting we see shades of cedar and teal greens, and touches of purple phlox and violet that blend harmoniously with quarry. For those not brave enough to commit a whole room to a new design scheme, a simple addition of a painting can change the whole mood of a room. Home is a place to relax and decompress and the impressionistic colors of nature can naturally enhance your mood.
Summer Swan, Watercolor by Miriam Schulman

Discover more Swan Art in Schulman's etsy store
Calm, peaceful and tranquil blues

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wardrobe Staples for the Starving Artist

Something besides overalls?
by Miriam Schulman
artist in her studio
Summer, and the dressing is easy! Every morning, without having to look at the weather report, I put on a different color J Crew tank top and throw on this cheap cute overall denim shorts I got from Forever21. My cell phone fits in the front pocket and a crochet lace cardigan was thrown on top if I had to got out of the house. I love summer dressing this way with an easy uniform, but now with fall quickly approaching I have to rethink my uniform for the transitional weather, and cover my legs.

Here is my wishlist for fall that fills all my requirements for easy dressing on a starving artist budget or for those who are only starving to look thinner and can afford the best style.

Scotch and Soda
First I had to lose the shorts. No one cares in 100 degree heat how short my shorts go, but if I have to pop into the postoffice in Scarsdale and look respectable in front of the PTA ladies who lunch I have to cover up those thighs. Scotch and Soda has really cute overalls available at Zappos. The cuff style at the bottom means that I don't have to hem them which are both a money and time saver.

The J Crew tanks I got this summer in purple, orange, and light teal transition well for the indian summer days but as the weather turns cooler I need machine washable  shirts in trendy colors. I focused on the Pantone color report for fall sticking with the most feminine colors that I love to paint with. So if I get a little paint on one of them, it will coordinate well.

Going by the Pantone color choices for fall I added shirts from J. Crew
J. Crew Painter henley
J. Crew Featherknit cowlneck tee
J. Crew Perfect-fit ribbon henley
J. Crew Tissue long-sleeve crewneck tee
J. Crew Perfect-fit crewneck tee
J. Crew Dream Cardigan
Focus on Fall 2011 Pantone colors: purple, yellow, and pink hues.

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Paintings in the fall Pantone colors
Anemone Mania by Miriam Schulman
Passe by Miriam Schulman
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms using Luxurious Jewel Tones

Modern Classic
by Miriam Schulman
oversized wall art for your contemporary modern home decor
The color of precious stones inspired the painting and interior decorating idea in this modern living room featuring my artwork and well-priced furniture by Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams. Rich jewel tones never go out of style but are very trendy right now. Jade green and citrine color lily pads are surrounded by deep teal and emerald waters. Other lily pads are painted in rich metallic bronze. You can look at details and purchase information for the painting by click HERE.
landscape painting of Waterlilies
Powder blue walls are the backdrop to a dramatic living room starring large waterlily painting. Original interior design by Tobi Fairley updated with painting by your truly, Miriam Schulman. To get the look of this living room tint the walls with Sherwin-Williams paint in  Silvermist. Baker's Neue sofa is softened with shaggy Calypso pillows in a periwinkle. Nancy Corzine's Curtain cocktail table adds additional glitz and glamour without trying too hard. The Tamarian rug is an adult only white. Jan Showers's rattan side tables. Turquoise lamps are by Christopher Spitzmiller. You can buy the affordable art online from my store HERE

Jade green looks great in your home and is a flattering easy color to incorporate into your fall wardrobe.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting your art in a museum just got easier.

Art Appears on Frick Collection's Website!
by Miriam Schulman

I've always wanted my art in a museum so imagine how thrilled I was when the Frick emailed me to let me know that they were displaying three of my drawings. Well alright, maybe not in their world famous Fifth Avenue museum in New York City, but for a brief time my drawings are on the Frick's website.

I took advantage of the Frick's Sunday Sketch which is free with museum admission on select Sundays at 1pm ( the next one is August 14th) Saavy museum goers also know that the museum is a "pay as you wish" before 1pm on Sundays so starving artists get there just before that. Artists of all backgrounds and abilities meet in the Frick's courtyard to sketch. The museum provides all drawing materials as well as a comfortable portable canvas stool and a drawing board. Beginners shouldn't be intimidated because if you need a teaching artist, well they provide that too.

The theme of this Sunday sketch was "Bellini and Botany" to coordinate with the Giovanni Bellini's St. Francis in the Desert. Be sure to read related blog post "Bellini and Botany" The docents at the supply table asked if they could scan a few of my drawings. I gave them three to scan while I completed three additional drawings. The Frick only allows charcoal and white chalk so the color pastels were added back in my studio. Check out the completed pastels below and you can get more details as well as decorating inspiration by clicking on any of the captions. Visit the museum website for more information on any of their lovely educational programs.

Potted Daisies
Jacob's Staff
Grape Vine
Fig Tree
English Ivy
Morning Glories

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top 5 Art History Undergraduate Programs

Best Art History colleges | Read more about the top 5 undergraduate art history programs at
Your Art Education 
by guest blogger @lindsayleboyer, Lindsay LeBoyer

Applying for college can be a stressful process. Deciding on a major can be tricky, and picking the school of your dreams is even harder. If you already know you want to study art history, the process just got a little easier. Here are five art history undergraduate programs that consistently rank among the top.
Bowdoin College Museum of Art | Discover more of the top 5 undergraduate art history programs at
On view at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine
The Art History program at Bowdoin College explores art in many contexts, from social and religious to historical and philosophical. Students examine how art reflects culture. In addition to classroom lectures, classes visit the Bowdoin Museum of Art, which is regarded as one of the finest collegiate art collections in the country. If you plan on visiting Bowdoin, be sure you catch the Edward Hopper exhibition fall 2011.

Dartmouth College | Discover more of the top 5 undergraduate art history programs
Dartmouth College, Baker Library
Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
In the Dartmouth Art History program, students study the history of visual culture at the highest level. The courses aim to prepare them for graduate study in Art History as well as careers in the field. Students hone skills such as analysis, reasoning, reading, and writing, as well as foreign languages which are critical to the study of international art. Art students at Dartmouth benefit from the visiting artists program who critique their work on a professional level. In addition, students benefit from extensive opportunities to study art and language abroad.

New York University campus | Washington Square Park | Find the best undergraduate art history programs at
Washington Square Park
New York University, Greenwich Village, New York City
At NYU's Art History program, students will start off at the introductory level learning the basics of critical and historical vocabulary which are used to understand and appreciate the history of visual arts. The elite faculty of NYU's Art History courses are internationally recognized, and will give students a great foundation and great connections for a career in the arts. The program was named "the best undergraduate department of art history in the country" by John Russel, former New York Times art critic. Students benefit from studying in one of the art capitals of the world with world famous art museums at their fingertips.

The University of Chicago | Find out more about the top 5 undergraduate art history programs at
The University of Chicago
University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 
The University of Chicago's Art History program is among the top in the country for an outstanding faculty and range of topics studied. Students will learn about many different types of art, from physical art, to modern cinema, and ancient civilizations. Chicago's museums rank among the best in the world and is home to top art galleries in the nation. Visitors to this university should also check out the Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and The Museum of Contemporary Photography.

Williams College | Learn more about which colleges have the best undergraduate art history programs at
Williams College
Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts 
The Art History program at Williams College boasts a number of accomplished alumni and a diverse faculty. In addition to the core curriculum, advanced courses in Greek art, Chinese calligraphy, painting, video art, and architectural design are also offered. The Art History program is one of the biggest and most popular departments in the entire college. Students learn in classroom, seminar, tutorial, and lecture style settings, and will benefit from critiques, exhibitions, and travel. Proximity to the Clark Art institute in Williamstown, Museum of Contemporary Art in nearby North Adams and William College's own art museum all enhance the art history curriculum.

Lindsay LeBoyer is interning at Schulman Art for the Summer 2011 season. She writes a fashion blog called The Style Child. Miriam Schulman studied Art History at Dartmouth College.
 You don't have to join the ivy league to enjoy vine inspired art!
botanical art | collect this art work at
Grape Vine by Schulman
English Ivy by Schulman | collect this art at
English Ivy by Schulman
Morning Glories by Schulman | Find this art print at
Morning Glories by Schulman
Schulman's botanical drawings on the Frick Museum's website
Schulman's botanical drawings on the Frick Museum's website

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Add Studio Museum in Harlem to Your Summer Art To Do List

Discover the Work of Emma Amos and African American Painters of the 1960's
by Miriam Schulman

Emma Amos
Three Figures, 1966
Oil on canvas

Spiral: Perspectives on an African-American Art Collective is a new art exhibition at The Studio Museum in Harlem. The exhibition looks back at black artists painting during the height of the civil rights movement who met for weekly discussions in an artist's studio to discuss the role their art should play. The group called Spiral, originally formed in response to the March on Washington, a critical turning point in the American civil rights movement.  Of the original fifteen members, ten are represented in this show. The art shares a modern abstract aesthetic very typical of American art of that period. Most paintings are in oil. The absolute standouts are the large colorful canvases by Emma Amos, the only woman represented in this New York exhibition. Her figures of mixed ethnicity are depicted with flat geometric shapes that do not diminish their eroticism. Reminiscent of Gauguin, Amos’s work has been exhibited internationally and is included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and other prominent collections.

Go to the museum on Sunday when you can enjoy free admission and don't miss the free exhibition catalogs mounted on the side wall as you enter with color photographs of all the paintings and biographies of the artists.

Emma Amos
Godzilla, 1966
Oil on canvas, 50 x 46 in.

'Spiral: Perspectives on an African-American Art Collective'
The Studio Museum in Harlem
144 West 125th Street
Through October 23

Sunday's FREE admission sponsored by Target
Artwork inspired by African Tribal Masks by Miriam Schulman

Morning Spirit, 24x24"
African Art, Set of 6 Fine Art Prints
More African Art by Schulman.

Treasure this!
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