Thursday, December 8, 2011

Five Creative Gift Ideas for Boys

Gift Finder for The Outdoorsy Boy
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

I have an eleven year boy at home who is musical, adventurous and outdoorsy but doesn't go for the stereotypical sport team logo paraphernalia. If you have a boy like that on your list you may be scratching your head wondering what to get.  Here are some fun items I found that I know my son would love and the one on your list will too.

Embellished Denim Jacket
Girls are not the only ones who care about their clothes. Sporty boys in some ways are easier to dress as their typical uniform is a sport team sweatshirt. Outdoorsy boys prefer a hunting jacket or a denim jacket that shows their rebellious spirit. This embellished denim jacket has a cool Navy logo and camouflage detail on the back.

Jewelry is also not just for girls. This set of dog tags which can be personalized with your son's name or nickname are cool because they are similar to the masculine army issue variety. This is a great idea for the teenage or college boy on your list or ( in my case) the xbox playing military obssessed preteen.

Pocket Knife by Spirit Bear Beads
Pocket knifes are an overlooked yet popular item. Boys love gadgets and the more complicated the better. Of course this gift is better for the over ten set. My son got a very complicated pocket knife recently and he loves showing off all the cool tools on it that pop out like a transformer.If your boy likes to camp, this is a great gift item.

Grasshopper Art, Original Painting
My son and his friends love to visit my art studio and the art that they love are the insect art. Don't overlook a cool piece of art for their room. They truly appreciate the sophisticated nature of collecting art. My mosquito artwork was purchased to decorate the room of the eleven year old insect obsessed boy on the NBC television show Parenthood.

Cookies by Sugar Lane Bake Shop
What boy doesn't like cookies? Cookies are a great gift to ship to the grandson or nephew. Bakers on etsy will carefully pack a dozed decorated sugar cookies directly to the recipient. Last year I sampled dozens of cookies from different sellers in prepartion for a party I had and I can tell you that all the bakers are talented, use the freshest ingredients and have the most artful cookies.  For boys of all ages I really like these sock monkey cookies.

What do you suggest to buy for the little or not so little boy on your list?