Thursday, December 15, 2011

Creative Gift Ideas for Gym Pals & Gals

Let them know you appreciate them just the way they are...
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
Bike Chain Bracelet by The Empty Nest
This year I became addicted to my bike class. Not just any spin class, but that overpriced, I-can't-believe-I-pay-this-much-for-one-class soul-cycle class. To thank the instructor who keeps it fun, makes me work really hard so that it's worth every penny I wanted to get a special gift. Men are really hard to shop for, and I didn't want to get him something too personal or intimate. For my male bike instructor, I found this really funky bike chain bracelet on etsy. This most spectacular punker bracelet is made from a discarded bike chain that has been degreased and cleaned. It wraps around your wrist as easily as it used to spin around sprockets! The spin enthusiast or biker in your life will love it too.

Initial Earrings by Earrings by Susan
Since I go to this place so much, I also felt I wanted to thank the studio manager who never gives away bike, remembers my name and signs me in. Since she always remembers to sign in my initials I decided to give her "initial" earrings. These Scrabble Earrings are on non-allergenic surgical steel french hook earwires. All letters are available in any combinations. Choose initials or spell a two letter word like "HI" or an abbreviation/symbol like XO or RN (for nurses). Think up something cool for yourself or a loved one.

Original Abstract Nude Pastel Drawing also available as a print
For a more intimate present, your lover will love this emotive study of a nude woman executed in charcoal on toned pastel paper. Women love to give their men art that depicts women who are not too skinny to celebrate a realistic body image. Men will love this gift and guess what, women love this gift too. This is a classy way to let her know you think she is sexy just the way she is. I created this drawing using live model in a life drawing setting. The vibrant shade of turquoise contrasts with the nougat flesh tones in this fine art nude. The art will complement most decors and is a one of a kind signed piece. The art will be rolled into a rigid mailing tube for shipment. The sensual pose makes a great gift for your lover, a yoga enthusiast or just a wonderful piece of art to decorate your own room with empowering feminine artwork that celebrates the female form.

And more ideas for all the yoginis in your life, there are a plethora of gifts large and small...
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