Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tradition of Turkish Knit Design

Thankful for Mother's Gifts
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SchulmanArt: How do you feel your roots influence you as a designer?
Sule:  I live in Istanbul, the most crowded and magnificent city of Turkey. My name is Sule.  Our shop name is “Bysweetmom”, inspired from our Sweet creative MOM. We opened our  shop with “my sweet mom.” My mom is not familiar with computers so I manage our shop. Knitting has a long history in my country, sometimes we use ethnic motifs in our designs.

SchulmanArt: Who taught you how to knit?
Sule: Of course my sweet mom. When I was a child, I was watching her while she was sewing, knitting, crocheting or creating  something new . 

She can’t sit without doing anything and I am my mother's daughter.
I learned lots of thing from her and still learning…
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SchulmanArt: What are your inspirations? 
Sule: Inspiration can come from everywhere, whatever is around us. Fashion and nature also play big roles. We really love creating our own designs, there are many of our original designs in our shop
SchulmanArt: What is your most popular item?
Sule: My afghan ponchos and my fingerless flowered are the most popular. Sought after colors of 2012 are black, dark blue, purple, brown and green . Leather and fur are so trendy…

SchulmanArt:How much of the day do you devote to knitting?
Sule: I am usually knitting or crocheting while watching movies, usually 3-5 hours a day sometimes whole day. I am a professional besides having a shop on Etsy.

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