Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Teenage Girl Gift Guide

Happy Birthday Talia!
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

My daughter is turning fourteen this week and I can't wait for her to open all her presents. Usually our present is the party and then she enjoys presents from her friends and relatives.  For the first time we decided not to give her a party and I had a great time choosing presents for her myself!

Two adorable shirts from Gingerbread Kidz in Scarsdale Village
My first stop shopping was to Gingerbread Kidz in Scarsdale village. Although it is a local boutique shop for kids of all ages and a special favorite of tweens, the do have an online website that you can use. My teenager is only 4'11" so can still enjoy petite styles in this store. The owner helped me pick out the perfect blouse for her to wear on her birthday to school. They also gift wrapped using economically friendly packaging that makes my life easier.

Tuxedo Cat earrings by Susan Faye to remind her of our cat Ebony
Next stop is to search etsy for some unique earrings that one wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. My daughter is in love with our tuxedo kitten so these earrings by Susan Faye were the perfect match. I was very pleased when they arrived as the dainty glass is even more precious than can be appreciated in the photos. Now my daughter can take her cat wherever she goes.

Bass Clef Earrings for my cellist from recircles9
I also found this stained glass earrings with a musical Bass clef. My daughter plays the cello so I am sure she will love them. They come all the way from Scotland so I am still crossing my fingers they will come in the  mail today so I can give them to her when she comes home from school.

Women's Gotham Jacket from NorthFace

She also decided she wanted a cool winter coat as a present and I had her pick this one out online. She loves the silver fur collar and the hip proportions of the puffy jacket.

I thought I was done shopping until I read and article about "braced-lets" by Lulu Frost. The maker is a Dartmouth Alumnus and I was reading all about these bracelets made out of orthodontic rubber bands and brackets. I had never heard of them but I am sure my trendy girl has and will love stacking them on her wrists to match the wires on her teeth.

Not silly bands, but Braced-lets!
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