Thursday, November 10, 2011

Living is Learning!

Interview with Jewelry Designer Patricia Suárez
new blog post by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

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SchulmanArt: First, tell us about where you are from and your art education...

Patricia Suárez: I was born in Gijón, a little town in the north coast of Spain. At the age of 22, after studying a degree in nutrition and dietetics, I moved to Barcelona. There I discovered my artistic side and began my jewelry studies at the Escola d'Arts i Oficis. I stayed in Barcelona for 10 years, improving my artistic training (etching, photography, ceramics) and gaining experience while working for several jewelry workshops. Finally, 6 years ago, I came back to my hometown and started my own workshop and gallery. My little shop is a multifunctional space, workshop, gallery and jewelry shop all in one. When I raise my eyes from my work I can see some people scrutinizing the pieces shown in my shop window and, behind them, a big lively street.
The Studio
SchulmanArt: Do you make your living as a designer?
Patricia Suárez: I've been professionally working on jewelry for the last 12 years.  I earn a living from crafting my jewelry designs and making pieces to order. I display and sell other artists' work at my workshop-gallery too. I started my Etsy shop about a year ago so I am relatively a newcomer there. Recently, I've opened a shop on DaWanda, a German e-commerce website similar to Etsy.

SchulmanArt: How do you feel your Spanish roots influence your designs? 
PS: Asturias, my region, is not a very "Spanish" one (no sun, no bullfighters, no flamenco, but rain, wild bears and bagpipers instead). Anyway, I am absolutely inspired by wild nature: oak and beech forests, little glacial lakes, hidden streams, foggy green valleys that you can find here and are great for hiking. Besides, I am  a sea lover. I love strolling the beach at low tide, searching little treasures like shells and crystals that I use for my jewelry.
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SchulmanArt: Who is your customer?
PS: My jewelry is crafted for a bold, self-confident woman. The kind of person interested in art and design, elegant but informal, unconventional, spontaneous, hedonistic, a lover of beauty and uniqueness.

SchulmanArt: Which Spanish artist do you admire the most?
PS: As jeweler, undoubtedly, Enric Majoral. He is an absolute master in his work and after 40 years making superb jewels he is still as fresh and creative as in the beginning of his career. Luis Parades is another artist that I sincerely admire. He works the glass and can make amazing objects and sculptures, full of color and harmony.

SchulmanArt: What are your inspirations?
PS: At the present moment, my work is very influenced by the Far East cultures. One of my favourite techniques, consisting in fusing thin foils of gold  onto the surface of silver objects, is a Korean one called Kum-Boo. As I said, I am also inspired by the wild beauty of the Asturian landscape.  I think that living is learning so, when I find the time, I still take courses (the last one, of granulation a month ago).

SchulmanArt: What has been your most exciting moment as a designer?
PS: The day I opened my own workshop was very special for me; then, surrounded by friends and family, I celebrated the completion of a long-cherised project. Another unforgettable occasion was the day my work was selected to be shown in Berlin as part of  an exposition in tribute to the first woman chancellor in Germany, Angela Merkel.

SchulmanArt: What rituals do you have to get ready to create?   
PS: I wake up early in the morning, drink two cups of caffe latte and get to work. I am always listening to music while working and, although my musical tastes are pretty diverse (bossa nova, soul, chanson, crooners), I am a complete fan of Jos Roush, Owen Pallett and and Feist.