Thursday, October 20, 2011

Russian Teddy Bears

Interview with Crafter Katya Loskutova
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

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SchulmanArt: How long have you been an artist?
Katya Loskutova: I`ve been an artist for a long time, trying lots of different techniques and playing with textures and ways of self-expression. I love painting in watercolours as well as shaping lovely things from ceramic clay or dough and creating toys, of course, which are usually teddy bears. I really love teddy bears. That`s my passion.
I started making bears in 2005 and I still keep my very first teddy bear with me at home.

SchulmanArt: Where did you study art?
Katya Loskutova: I`ve studied art including basic design for 10 years since primary school. It was school number 43 in Perm, Russia. This education was enough to understand that I can`t live without creating something. As for making teddy bears, nobody ever taught me how to create them, I just followed my artist`s intuition and here they are!
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SchulmanArt: What are your inspirations?
Katya Loskutova: My inspirations are cartoons, some childish stories and fairy tales which inhabit many magic creatures and create an absolutely special atmosphere of mystery and wonder. But I am also inspired by usual people who have their special character, habits and mood. I try to give each bear I make a unique character vivid through his posture, accessories and look.

SchulmanArt: What has been your most exciting moment as an artist?
Katya Loskutova: The most exciting moment for me is to see that my work can bring happiness into the world. When I see that people admire my work it makes me feel that I`m doing the right thing. Finishing every new creation is also quite exciting for me personally as it is wonderful to see that your own idea has grown into a true new life, that just an instant thought has been materialized.
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SchulmanArt: What rituals do you have to get ready to create?
Katya Loskutova: To get ready to create you should be in a good mood, for that you should put yourself in a good mood. Holidays of any kind are really inspirational to me as I start thinking of giving presents to my family and friends and as a result I have plenty of ideas in my mind. So the main thing to do in case of not being ready to create (but it happens very rarely with me) is to create a festive mood around you and in your heart.

SchulmanArt: What is your studio space like?
Katya Loskutova: My studio space is my flat which is full of teddy bears of different kinds and sizes. I am also collecting teddy bears so I have more than 30 now in my collection, starting with tiny ones for about 5 cm and finishing with a huge bear who is always sitting on my bed (he is about half a meter high when sitting).
That is a funny coincidence but out of the window in my flat you can see a bus stop with an illustration of teddy bears on it. I have no idea how they guessed that a teddy bear artist lives in a block of flats just across the street!

SchulmanArt: Do you have any pets and do they keep you company while you create?
Katya Loskutova: I have a ginger cat called Simba (named so because he resembled a lion form the Disney movie when he was little) and he always keeps me company whenever I create toys, teddy bears, sculpt or paint… I even think of making a tiger or lion toy in the near future. =)
All wonderful things chocolate brown!

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