Friday, September 9, 2011

What color beige should I paint my walls?

Classic Beige

by Miriam Schulman

Best Beige Shades for painting walls

Beige paint colors | beige |
Beige paint colors are the epitome of natural and relaxed, making them perfect for any dining room, living room, or bedroom. While some people may think that they are “safe” and “boring” – when done with style and an eye for detail, they’re anything but. Below you can discover a great selection of my favorite neutral paint colors that are versatile and provide any space with an air of elegance and sophistication. Remember to decorate with colorful wall art and bright furniture for a vibrant ambiance.

Color changes depending on the light in your room and the time of the day. Color expert Ellen Kennon says she has done "entire houses in Mushroom, which is pretty darned fabulous. It's a beige, but it changes drastically — one minute it's putty and the next, it's rosier. Chameleon-like and mysterious, it takes on the properties of the colors around it." Interior decorator Michael Roberson finds that warm tan shades like Benjamin Moore's Powell Buff adds a coziness to his room designs. "What makes it so pretty is the way it reacts to light. When the sun hits it, it glows, and on a rainy day it casts a nice kind of cozy warm shadow on the room. This isn't a get-excited-about color, but it's a terrific background. Very calming in a bedroom. Great in a sitting room with almond-colored suede or gray flannel and, if you need an accent, a plummy linen."
Beige paint colors | beige |
Farrow and Ball, String 8
Beige paint colors | beige |
Full Spectrum Paints, Mushroom

 Beige is flattering

Conservative designer Thomas Jayne likes Benjamin Moore's Camel Back and points out"At one point in life, everybody has coveted a camel-hair coat. It's just an extremely flattering color, and camel-colored walls are warm and soft, yet very masculine. Camel, with an underpinning of yellow and a slight bit of red, has much more life than beige, which can go gray and cold. Art looks great on it. Use camel as a foil for red or blue — totally classic."
Beige paint colors | beige |
Beige paint colors | beige |

Beige makes people happy

In the end, beige makes everyone happy because the neutral can work with lots of other colors and is a natural decorating chameleon. As Darren Henault says "I've used [Farrow & Ball Buff] in small rooms, large rooms, sunny rooms, dark rooms. I think the reason it works so well is that it's got a lot of red in it, so it brings out the pink in your skin. People think a room looks good if they look good in it."

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