Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Muppets Take Queens

Jim Henson's Fantastic World at the Museum of the Moving Image
by Talia Schulman

Across the street from the studios where Sesame Street is shot, the Museum of the Moving Image holds a wonderful traveling exhibit featuring Jim Henson's muppets.  Studying the framed sketches and storyboards on the wall or looking at original Muppets such as Kermit in a glass case will put a smile on your face.   Highlights of the exhibit are the documentaries including interviews with Henson and his crew of Muppet-makers as well as the footage of television programs for kids featuring the famous muppets.  Whether you are four, fourteen or forty, sit back and relax on colorful beanbag chairs as you tune into how Jim Henson was inspired to create the unforgettable Muppets.
If you are looking for another exhibit to explore, the Museum of the Moving Image also offers computer-based interactive experiences. Visitors may record their own movements as a sequence of still photographs that can be printed out and made into a flipbook; create their own stop-motion animations, which they can save and email; record their voices over dialogue from a film (our family favorite),  choose sound effects to add to the images of well-known movies and television shows; and many more fun activities. The cafe is great for a light snack or lunch and budget minded travelers will find that the is museum is free on Fridays after 4. For a rainy Saturday or Sunday stay for a muppet matinee.

Museum of the Moving Image
Henson exhibit runs through September 25th
36-01 35 Avenue; Astoria, NY

Guest blogger Talia Schulman is a member of the Scarsdale High School Class of 2015.

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