Monday, September 12, 2011

Global Home Decor

Drawing in the Galleries for the Arts of South and Southeast Asia
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has one of the largest collections of Asian art in the Western world. Last Friday night I participated in the drop in drawing session that took place in the  Galleries for the Arts of South and Southeast Asia. The gallery that I worked in had sculptural objects from the Afghanistan in the 5th century. During this time one can see both eastern and Greek influences of art, religion and culture. There are Buddhist heads coexisting with Greek gods. The terracotta remnants has lost their color but with a little artistic license and inspiration I re-imagined them as fully realized watercolors. The museum only allows charcoal pencil in the galleries, and the watercolor was added later in the studio.

Add Ethnic Asian Inspired Paintings to a Foyer
A set of three watercolors make a stunning statement when displayed over a cozy couch in a foyer. Cathy Kincaid decorated this foyer, with artwork added via simulation for decorating inspiration. The upholstered bench and the polka-dot pillows are from Madeline Weinrib
Galleries for the Arts of South and Southeast Asia, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Global Decor can be colorful
Ethnic home decor does not need to be all in browns and earth tones. Modern global decor can include happy tones of teal, pink, lime green and orange. In this bohemian decorating scheme three watercolors grace the wall above a sofa adorned with a variety of patterns and textures.

Add modernity to your home and wardrobe by combining turquoise with earthy ethnic touches

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