Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get Drunk on Color

Raspberry Wine
Red Raspberry Wine
by Miriam Schulman

I Dream of Paris, original Eiffel Tower painting
Pantone's predictions for 2011 fall colors includes raspberry wine. Providing men an alternative to Honeysuckle pink, Raspberry Wine has more sparkle than a merlot, making a statement with its vital red characteristics.The swatch on the Pantone website is decidedly pink, but you can opt for a little redder variation such as rouge. Or use the pink in full force in combination with taupe, otherwise known as nougat this season, for an energetic and sexy combination.

Interior decorator Amy Lau found a gorgeous red that has the beauty of red wine without venturing into the feminine.  "I'm completely in love with these paints, originally made for Le Corbusier and mixed with pure artist's pigments, so you get these supersaturated jewel tones. This is the color of garnets, rubies, Japanese maple leaves, that red dress you wear on a first date that really sizzles. I see it in a dining room with red wine, a five-course meal, candlelight, and twinkling glasses."

Interior designer, Richard McGeehan says "Pink can have a fierce energy that pierces through like a fog light. I'm drawn to hot pink, and I like it paired with taupe, for balance." Check out this sophisticated fabric from Levievre through Stark
Cranberry & Fuchsia Ikat thru Pieces; 404-869-2476

Shop owner and tastemaker Lee Kleinhelter advises to pair "plum and magenta. It has boldness." Check out the color combination in these ikat pillows.
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