Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Top Colleges for Photography Majors

Follow Your Photography Dreams 
by guest blogger @lindsayleboyer, Lindsay LeBoyer

Do you have a passion for photography? If the answer is yes, your career can go far beyond just taking snapshots of your friends. There are plenty of colleges which offer excellent majors in photography! Who knows, maybe you'll be the next Irving Penn.

Parsons The New School for Design
The garment center in NYC
Parsons offers a four year bachelors of fine arts (BFA) in photography, where students will learn both analog and digital methods. The breadth of classes offered also allow students to choose a concentration, such as fine art or fashion photography. Students develop the technical and creative skills to thrive as a professional with in depth coursework. Parsons is located in the garment center of New York City which serves as a mecca for the fashion industry and have access to real, working professionals. Many students intern for the plethora of museums, galleries and fashion photographers that New York City offers.

Syracuse University
Syracuse University
Syracuse also offers a BFA in art photography. In this program, students will learn everything they need to enter the real world of photography. Syracuse equips students with the lighting and tools they need to produce museum quality images. They have a strong partnership with world renowned photography center, Light Work, which is housed on the Syracuse campus. Alumni have gone onto have successful careers as commercial photographers, working at museums, magazines, or as photojournalists.

Drexel University
The Main Building at Drexel
Drexel's undergraduate photography program helps students find their own unique style of photography, and gives them the technology and aesthetic to pursue a career in their field. The program is very hands on, allowing students to develop both traditional and digital photography skills. All students take the same foundation courses until the third year, when they take an individualized path for their senior thesis project. Drexel is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a city with an active art scene.

SUNY Purchase
PespsiCo Gardens is across the street from the Purchase Campus
Don't overlook this gem of a public university. Boasting some of the best fine art conservatories in the nation, students travel from all over the country for Purchase College. At Purchase, photography majors start with basic analog photo courses, and upon completing each course will move up to more advanced and creative techniques like digital photography and urban landscapes. Purchase is conveniently located near New York City, and in an advanced course students meet regularly in the city to visit galleries, and translate inspirations into their own work. 

SUNY Paltz
A view of New Paltz campus
Photography majors at New Paltz start out with basic digital photography courses, and move on to learn traditional forms of photography like the large format camera. Courses examine more than just technique, and teach students how to express social issues and cultural values in their photographs.

Other colleges offering photography as a major include: Bennington College (VT), Bard College (NY), Burlington College (VT), Chatham University (PA), Delaware College of Art and Design, Fordham (NY), Hampshire College (MA), Hofstra University (NY), Ithaca College (NY), Maine College of Art, Marlboro College (VT), Point Park (PA), Pratt (NY), Providence College (RI), St. John's University (NY), Suny Albany (NY), Temple U (PA), U of Hartford (CT), University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, University of the Arts (PA)

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Blogger Lindsay LeBoyer is interning at Schulman Art for the Summer 2011 season. She writes a fashion blog called The Style Child.