Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Romancing the Stone

Quarry Blue
by Miriam Schulman
Decorating Inspiration using a smoky blue-gray painted wall
Pantone is fashion's leading authority on color. By surveying the designers and trendsetters in the fashion and home decorating industries they bring a biannual report of color trends each year. One color not to miss is "Quarry" blue. This reliable medium gray remains a practical, dependable staple. Almost a sea green, the color blue on the walls make any room tranquil and peaceful. According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute® “Designers take a painterly approach to fall 2011 by artfully combining bright colors with staple neutrals, reminiscent of how an artist would construct a stunning work of art...Much like a painter's masterpiece, there is a certain romance to this season's palette.”

In this swan painting we see shades of cedar and teal greens, and touches of purple phlox and violet that blend harmoniously with quarry. For those not brave enough to commit a whole room to a new design scheme, a simple addition of a painting can change the whole mood of a room. Home is a place to relax and decompress and the impressionistic colors of nature can naturally enhance your mood.
Summer Swan, Watercolor by Miriam Schulman

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Calm, peaceful and tranquil blues

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