Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Packing for a Picturesque Picnic

Luncheon on the Grass.
by Miriam Schulman.
Picnic Pest, 9x12" Original Watercolor on Canvas by Miriam Schulman
The lazy days of summer are perfect for a picnic. Whether you have packed it for an outdoor concert, or to take with you while you read on the beach, use this guide to make sure yours is picture perfect.

  • Keep the food casual that you can eat with your fingers and avoid foods with mayonnaise that spoil easily. Pack everything in lightweight, resealable containers. 
  • Throw in a few resealable bags with ice cubes. They will keep the food cold as you transport them and you can use the ice for your drinks.
  • juice boxes still rule the roost for kids, but moms also love portable chocolate milk boxes
  • grab a handful of restaurant/takeout assorted condiments such as ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper
  • Blanket should be large enough to comfortably hold all your picnic-goers and food. We especially love this one with a vinyl backside to keep away moisture on the ground from soaking through.
  • Enjoy this waterproof picnic blanket by AsYouStitchBaby at the park, while camping, at a ball game, or just wherever you happen to be! Measuring 42"x42", this blanket is perfect for being on the go.
  • Stow everything in a lightweight, roomy carrier such has this vintage basket offered by etsy shop owner, rivertownvintage
  • Don't forget the clean-up supplies! paper towels, a garbage bag and moist towelettes for your hands.
  • This cheese board by TimberGreenWoods is just the right size for entertaining a small group
  • Adults who enjoy a little wine and cheese may need a bottle opener and a cutting board. 
  • Napkins, cups and plates made from recyclable fibers, or this nostalgic set complete the picnic magic   
  • This nostalgic paper picnic set from onecozynest comes in it's original box
  • Finally, keep those picnic pests away with a natural bug spray
deet free natural bug repellant from bnoelaromatics

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  6. Art by Miriam Schulman available from www.SchulmanArt.com

Glorious Grasshopper, 9x12" by Miriam Schulman