Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fashionable yet Affordable Backpacks for your Books and Art Supplies

Backpack Roundup
by @lindsayleboyer, guest blogger Lindsay LeBoyer

Spin Art by Miriam Schulman
Your backpack is one of the most important school supplies on the list. You'll use it every single day for the next 10 months, so finding the perfect one is essential. Choose a backpack that can hold up under the weight of your books, but still represents your style. Here are 5 backpacks that will give you the best of both worlds, and won't break the bank or your back!

1) The Classic
Jansport Right Pack, $54.95, bagking.com
You can never go wrong with the widely popular Jansport. Jansports are great quality bags and will last throughout middle and high school. The classic "Right Pack" has a sturdy suede bottom, and front pocket to hold extras like a cell phone and ipod. Jansport offers their packs in deep purple, teal, and several other stylish hues.

2) The Messenger Bag
Kipling Messenger Bag, $69.95
An alternative to the traditional two-strap backpack is a messenger. Kipling, known for their unique colors and signature monkey symbol, is not as popular as Jansport. The single strap provides less support, but the messenger is easier to get on and off than a two-strap. Since it doesn't look like a backpack, you can use it as a weekend bag too. Kipling's expandable messenger bag has an adjustable strap, front zip pouch, and comes in 9 different colors. Save $30 off the regular price during their back to school sale.

3) The Designer Bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs, $68
Believe it or not, designer backpacks can be affordable! Take this Marc Jacobs bag for example. The nautical stripes will impress all your fashion-forward friends!

4) The Stylish Satchel
Deena and Ozzy Satchel from Urban Outfitters, $49.99 
In addition to the messenger, a satchel is another great alternative to traditional backpacks with vintage charm and plenty of room for binders and notebooks. Most styles can be carried by the handles or worn with the shoulder strap. This satchel from Urban Outfitters has flap pockets on the side, zip pockets on the front, and is made with vegan leather and suede. (photo by Lindsay LeBoyer, see related blog post: http://www.thestylechildblog.com/2011/07/whats-in-my-bag-fashion-institute-of.html

5) The Splurge: Cambridge Satchel
Cambridge Satchel Co. florescent satchel, $170. J. Crew

If you're head over heels for satchels but want something a little more structured, look no further than the British bag pros, the Cambridge Satchel Company. Dubbed the season's new "it" bag by countless magazines and style blogs, this satchel comes in a myriad of sizes and colors. For the original vintage tan, check out their website, cambridgesatchel.co.uk. Visit J. Crew to check out their limited time collaboration in florescent pink and avoid international shipping fees.

Blogger Lindsay LeBoyer is interning at Schulman Art for the Summer 2011 season. She writes a fashion blog called The Style Child. 

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