Thursday, August 25, 2011

Art Shows to Visit on the College Tour

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by @lindsayleboyer, guest blogger Lindsay LeBoyer

When you're traveling around the US on college visits, there's more to see than just the campus. There are plenty of colleges with amazing museums and art exhibits for your family to enjoy. Take advantage of these art shows to turn your college road trip into family vacation memories. 

SUNY Purchase 

This college is bursting with artists, from dancers to painters and everyone in between. Take advantage of the talent at hand and visit the incredible music and dance conservatories at SUNY Purchase. Initiated in 1974 with Roy R. Neuberger's donation of 108 works of art, the permanent collection of the Neuberger Museum of Art has grown to over 6000 works of uncompromising quality and variety.The permanent collection includes works by 20th century masters such as Edward Hopper, 

Williams College Museum of Art 
Modern Art by Egon Schiele from the modern art exhibit
Williams College has one of the best art history programs around. In addition to Williams College Museum of Art, which is currently showing an exhibit called "Masters of Modern" featuring Goya, MirĂ³, and others ending October 2nd, your weekend in the Berkshires should include visits to MoCa (Museum of Contemporary Art), the Clark Art Institute and the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Hopper's Maine at Bowdoin College Museum of Art
Edward Hopper, Captain Upton's House, 1927
The "Edward Hopper's Maine" exhibit at Bowdoin College Museum of Art showcases 88 of Edward Hopper's paintings, watercolors, drawings, and prints. Each is inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Maine and was created by Hopper in the summers between 1914 and 1929. See the Hopper show before it closes in mid-October, and time your visit with peak fall foliage for an unforgettable New England road trip. However, be sure you get to the museum before it closes. The museum is open till 8:30 on Thursdays but most days the museum closes by 5:00.

First Fridays in Albany
Lark St., Albany
Visiting SUNY Albany? Plan your visit to coincide with the first Friday of the month and head over to the Lark Street neighborhood after your campus tour. This area opens new gallery art shows on the first Friday of every month. You'll see some wonderful artworks by emerging and mid-career artists during a night on the town.

Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo  
Le Carnaval d'Arlequin by MirĂ³
The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is a must see for those visiting SUNY Buffalo. Thomas Hoving, art historian and former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, said that "the Albright-Knox Art Gallery should be on everyone’s list to see, for it’s an overwhelming art experience. Small, intimate, and seductive, the museum has one of the most thumping modern and contemporary collections in the world."

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Blogger Lindsay LeBoyer is interning at Schulman Art for the Summer 2011 season. She writes a fashion blog called The Style Child.

Miriam's last tip: when visiting SUNY Purchase, head across the street for the Pepsi Sculpture gardens. Behind the main building is a beautiful koi pond with lily pads that never fails to inspire me.
Detail from Pond Gemstones by Miriam Schulman