Friday, July 8, 2011

What's bugging you? Summer Art Sale

Lift your spirits with a whimsical bug painting
by guest blogger Lindsay LeBoyer

Bee Painting, 10X10
Nothing says summer like flowers and bumble bees! While you might hate bees in person, this one is sure to brighten up your home.

Bee Painting by Miriam Schulman

Grasshopper Art, 11X14
 Add some fiery color to your design scheme with this grasshopper watercolor. Burnt orange and crimson red hues will spice up your color palette.

Grasshopper Art by Miriam Schulman

Butterfly Painting, 10X10
The orange butterfly looks beautiful against the turquoise summer sky. This watercolor painting will fit seamlessly into a youthful bedroom or colorful home decor.

Butterfly Painting by Miriam Schulman

Dragonfly Art, 10X10
Set yourself free with this dragonfly in mid flight across a teal background. It's detailed wings and white swirls are fun yet sophisticated.

Dragonfly Art by Miriam Schulman

Spider Art, 8X8
"Oh what a tangled web we weave.." This black spider set against a blue and orange background is the perfect piece to warm up your decor.

 Spider Art by Miriam Schulman

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