Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What your daughter really wants in her care package at sleepaway camp

Six hand crafted items that will have all her bunk mates jealous.
by @lindsayLeBoyer, guest blogger Lindsay LeBoyer

Camp Soap by etsy artisan SalmonberryOrigins
This natural soap is a triple threat; It repels bugs, heals cuts, and softens hands! What more could a girl ask for?

Water Bottle Cozy by Etsy artisan Natalya1905
Staying hydrated is must when out in the sun all day. Give your daughter a stylish bottle holder so she always has water on the go.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars by Etsy baker RosasKitchen
Every camper loves fresh baked cookies and milk to remind them of home. Chocolate chip cookie bars are neater than traditional cookies but with the same delicious taste. Perfect for enjoying over a campfire! Send enough for the whole bunk to share.

Monogram Beach Towels by Etsy artisan MouseHouseMemories
Avoid confusing towels with bunk mates! Send your camper a colorful, monogram set. They're great for sitting on the dock or drying off from the lake.

Cross Body Satchel by Etsy artisan peskycatdesigns
Send your tween a cross body satchel bag to take on field trips. The tote is an easy and stylish way to keep money, tickets, or anything else neatly together and out of the lost and found! 

Here's where you can buy these items:
1) Camp Soap by SalmonberryOrigins
2) Water Bottle Cozy by Natalya1905
3) Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars by RosasKitchen
4) Monogram Beach Towels by MouseHouseMemories
5) Cross Body Satchel by peskycatdesigns

Get your daughter the best coming home present.
Surprise them when they walk into their room by adding a beautiful painting!

Butterfly Fairy, 10x10" including frame

Butterfly Fairy, 10x10" including frame