Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tips for a Creative Bar Mitzvah

7 Ways to Add Artistic Touches to Your Special Event 
by guest blogger Lindsay LeBoyer

Bar mitzvahs can be challenging to make unique. There are many artisans on Etsy who make beautiful, hand crafted items that you can incorporate into your ceremony. Here are seven ideas to make your bar mitzvah more memorable.

1) Beaded Kippah for Mom or Bat Mitzvah Girl 
Beaded Keepah from Etsy shop LindaB142.

This copper wire kippot has traditional jewish elements like blue beads, but will add a modern, artistic touch to your temple attire. Kippahs can be custom made to add beads your color scheme. If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask!

2) Star of David Beaded Kippah Pins
Pins by Etsy shop Silver Dragon

Keep your kippah in place with hand beaded Star of David bobby pins. One more way to inject some color. If you are having a conservative or orthodox ceremony, these pins are great to set out for the women's lace doilies.

3) Knitted Prayer Shawl 
Prayer Shawl by Etsy knitter Needles N Stash
This hand knitted prayer shawl is the perfect addition to your synagogue ensemble. Be sure to order in advance to get the colors you want.

4) Customized Invitations
Customized invitations from Etsy shop ULuckyGirl
The first impression of your bar mitzvah starts with the invitation, so make it memorable with a customized design and color scheme.

5) Stamps with Portraits
If Miriam Schulman has already done a portrait for you there is no extra charge to put it on a stamp. If you haven't done a portrait, now may be the right time to commission one to commemorate this milestone in your child's life. 
French Riviera Postage Stamp by schulmanart
Stamp with Portrait by Miriam Schulman
Every detail of your event can be customized, right down to the stamp on the invitations. Be unique with a portrait of the bar mitzvah boy/girl. Reproductions of the portraits can also be blown up to use as a sign-in board.
Custom Watercolor Portrait by Miriam Schulman

6) Customized Cookies
Initial cookies by Etsy baker SweetandSassyGoods
Custom carnival themed cookies from Etsy baker Wacky Cookies
Every guest loves a yummy treat to take home! Give them a cookie with the bar mitzvah's initial and ceremony date, or customize cookies to go along with your theme. Since cookies all have to be hand frosted, why not add the date of the ceremony? You can also have each child's name frosted on cookies. Some party planners suggest tying the place card onto theme shaped cookies with a ribbon to give to all the guests including the adults. The place card for the adult then doubles as their favor.

7) Create your own Montage 
A montage of pictures shows how the bar how mitzvah boy/girl has grown over the years, and it's sure to bring a tear to the grandparents' eyes. Give yours an artistic touch by including portraits and animated transitions. 

Here's where you can find each of the items featured
1) Beaded Kippah by Lindab142
2) Beaded pins by Silver Dragon
3) Knitted prayer shawl by Needles N Stash
4) Custom invitations by ULuckyGirl
5) Stamp with portrait by Miriam Schulman 
6) Initial cookies by Sweet and Sassy Goods, Theme cookies by Wacky Cookies
7) Artistic montage by Miriam Schulman
8) Portraits by Miriam Schulman

Lindsay LeBoyer is interning at Schulman Art for the Summer 2011 season. She writes a fashion blog called The Style Child.

Article edited by Miriam Schulman of SchulmanArt