Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Focus on Spanish fashion house Custo Barcelona

Art you can wear!by

"Balta Desire" shirt, Custo Barcelona
In 1980, brothers Custo and David Dalmau embarked on a motorcycle trip around the world. During their journey they became inspired by cultures they had never seen before. In southern California, the brothers fell in love with surf culture. The surfers had a way of subconsciously looking fashion forward without following trends or knowing what went on in major fashion capitals. They had their own fashion world which was parallel to real fashion; and the Dalmau brothers were fascinated. When they returned to Spain, their home country, they started designing t-shirts inspired by what they had seen. The result was unique, artistic prints that took the fashion industry by storm. What started as a craze in Spain shortly reached London and New York, where they were asked to show a collection at NY fashion week in 1997. The fashion house Custo Barcelona is known today for its distinctive t-shirts and its womenswear and menswear collections.
"Pitt Cowgirl" shirt, Custo Barcelona
Custo Barcelona treats the t-shirt as a blank canvas. Wearing one is just like putting a work of art on your shirt. These designs are the perfect apparel for artists and artsy fashionistas. 

California surf culture inspired the original designs.
Let Spain inspire you!

New Art by Miriam Schulman: Spanish Rose
 Click HERE for Spanish Rose painting by Schulman
Spanish Rose, 11x14" Original Watercolor on Canvas inspired by Alexander McQueen's dress, Sarabande and re-imagined as a Gustav Klimt stylized painting