Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to get a "grab button" to advertise your blog

A wonderful artist, Patty Baker, asked me how to add a "grab button" to her blog. I was so happy to tell her how to do this because I also really wanted to post a button on my blog that links to her blog. First of all what is a grab button? Well basically it is free advertising for a blog that you admire. In a perfect world, that person also admires you and has agreed to post your button as well. So anyone following those blogs---or coming across them in internet searches--- will see the advertisement for the other person's blog.  This is a great way to get new followers. In addition,. you are link sharing which is great for optimizing your ranking on the web. All these things motivated me to teach Patty, plus I really wanted a thumbnail of one her beautiful paintings on my blog. You can see, I have Blenda Studio's button as well!

I am going to give instructions for doing this on the blogger platform which is the blog site that Patty and I both use. She was very intimidated because she told me that her husband was the techno geniuos behind her blog, but really it is easy peasy and anyone these days can do it. They make the technology very user friendly. After logging into your blog the first thing you need to do is click on "Design". That will take you to a widget layout. Then, on the right side bar, click on "Add a gadget" You want to pick add "Html/Java" ( it is about 8 options down) Don't get intimidated! You don't really need to know any coding! On my blog use can use your mouse with the left button held down to highlight my peacock button (not the facebook icon, but the one further down that says "I read SchulmanArt". Again, use the mouse to select copy (right mouse button) or you can just do a control-C. Now, when you go to the Configure HTML/JavaScript popup window you will need to select Rich Text and then paste it into the popup window for add a gadget. Click save and you will have my button on your blog!

To get a grab button for your own blog open the window again that has my button on it. (click Edit) This time you will see the actual HTML code that was used to create the button.Copy my code using the mouse again. Click save and return to the design screen. Now you want to choose add a gadget again and again choose the HTML/Java Script gadget. This time you will not hit Rich text. Paste my code into the window.  The code looks like this:">" alt="art blog by miriam schulman" />

You will need to replace with

You will also need to replace with and of course add some text to the alt text field to help search engines find you.

The image you choose should be a 125pixel thumbnail of one of your beautiful paintings which is hosted on your favorite picture sharing site or your website and then put text on top that. Use the same procedure above and this time add your image to the html box and add a link to your blog. When you are done let me know, and I will grab your button to put on my blog! I am always happy to share. If you have any questions, please post them in the comment field below and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

PS Wanted to add that I first got this idea from Kelly Rae Roberts!
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