Friday, June 24, 2011

Farewell to Greenacres School

An Artist says good-bye to her children's school
by Miriam Schulman

After nine years of being a part of Greenacres School, I am finally saying farewell. My youngest just had his last day of school there today as a fifth-grader. It seems like just yesterday I was dropping off my oldest daughter at her classroom for the first day of kindergarten; now my son walks out the door on his way to middle school and that little girl moves on to Scarsdale High School. Last fall I was asked by the PTA to paint a picture of the school for the cover of the fifth grade yearbook. I agreed, thinking it could be an interesting experience not just for myself but for the students, their parents and teachers, too. The cover was a big hit! Although I did this for my son's school for free, if you want to commission a painting of your child's school for a yearbook cover, or as a keepsake for your home do not hesitate to contact me

Framed Prints of Greenacres Available from imagekind

If you want a print of Greenacres School, they are available for sale on I love this website that will also custom frame the print for you. What better way to decorate your child's room than with nostalgic art of their school days. One mom I know purchased a canvas print to give as a going away present for her friend.

Folded Blank Note Cards of Greenacres School
Buy Greenacres Note Cards
For the teachers' gifts this year I made folded note cards with the school painting on it. If you are in Scarsdale, this may be something you want to have as well and I am selling the note cards

If you are considering get a painting of your school, you may want to get the note cards as well. Any commission I do I can get professionally printed blank note cards. ______________________________________________________
Here is the yearbook cover for 2011. Congratulations to all the graduates out there. You make us parents proud!