Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Art and Fashion Come Together

The Style Child joins the Schulman Art Team
I'm Lindsay LeBoyer, the blogger behind The Style Child, interning for the summer 2011 season. I'll be helping out in the studio from now until mid-August. I am excited to join Miriam Schulman behind the scenes with her SchulmanArt business. Here's a little bit about what I hope to accomplish this summer at Schulman Art. 
I am 15 years old have just finished my sophomore year in high school. During my freshman year I took a studio art foundation course, and this past year I chose digital photography as my elective. I absolutely loved it, and I'll be taking Digital Photography 2 next year. One of my favorite projects was the portrait assignment, where I made a series of portraits in the style of Julia Margret Cameron, a photographer from the 19th century. One of my portraits was featured in the Pace Gallery's high school student exhibition this past spring. In addition to Photography 2, I'll be taking a course in drawing and painting next year, and I've also been accepted into honors English. Besides photography, my other interests include running, dancing, and blogging! I was on the spring track team for the past two years in high school, and took a modern dance class once a week at Scarsdale Ballet Studio. I also started a fashion blog called The Style Child.  Blogging allows me to combine fashion, photography, and writing all in one creative outlet, as well as share and receive inspiration from girls all over the world!

About My Blog:
I've loved fashion for as long as I can remember. I've been reading fashion magazines since I was 10, and have always been fascinated by high fashion editorials. As I got older I started to pay more attention to everyday personal style, and started to develop my own unique way of dressing. So when I discovered fashion blogging, it seemed like the perfect medium to express my love of fashion and archive my outfits.  My posts are usually photos of what I'm wearing, what I wish I was wearing, or ramblings on my favorite trends. Click here to visit my blog! 

About My Internship: 
A few months ago I met with Miriam to talk about interning for her this summer. The internship sounded like the perfect job for me since I love art and I'm pretty social media savvy. I was so happy when Miriam contacted me to let me know I landed the internship! I know I can learn a lot from her and offer my own skills to Schulman Art. I have a few goals I'd like to accomplish this summer. Number one is to reach 1,000 followers on the Schulman Art Twitter page. If you haven't already, make sure you're following on Twitter to get all the great art news! My second goal is to get 1,000 'likes' on the Facebook fan page. Help me out by liking Schulman Art on Facebook! In addition to these two goals, learn about the online art world and expand Schulman's online presense. Look for future posts by me about Mc Queen's fashion show at the Metropolitan and more.