Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer art classes for kids and adults ages 13 and up

Watercolor Classes in Westchester
by Miriam Schulman

Paperwhites Teal by Miriam Schulman ( in a private collection)
I have so much fun on Monday afternoons teaching my watercolor students. I make them tea and serve cookies---today was a bit gloomier so I decided the women needed chocolate. For my demonstration, I showed them the drawing I am working on as a commission and showed them how I planned on rescuing my watercolor painting I started last week at Pepsico Sculpture Gardens. I love watching their improvement each week as they mature into their own styles.

This summer, in addition to the watercolor classes which will be on Wednesdays, I am offering some mixed media classes that anyone can do. These special offerings are open for kids ages 13 and up and any adult participants. Each class will start with an art history discussion and students will be shown artworks from related artists. The first class will be Painting with Scissors and focuses on the late works of Matisse. It’s a perfect way to experience art for those worried about their painting and drawing skills. Use techniques like Matisse to make beautiful paper cut out collages. First we'll look at examples from Matisse and his well known collages and then we'll make our own construction paper masterpieces.

The next session we'll look at examples from Picasso's current Guitar exhibition at the MoMa  and then we'll make our own mixed media collages. 

On July 20th, I am going to teach exercises from Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain

Tap into the creative powers of the right side of the brain. Student will work on drawing exercises to expand their creative powers. 
The final class will replicate the course I took with my daughter in New York. Learn about the current German Expressionist exhibition at the MoMa and create block prints.These courses are all a great opportunity to experiment with art techniques being shown in the museums. you can visit the museum before or after the class (or not at all) and get a whole new appreciation for art history. Summer is always a great time to learn new skills and explore your creative side.
For all these classes No experience necessary. All materials provided for the non-watercolor courses. You may purchases them individually or get a discount for coming more than once. Classes always include music, refreshments and a glimpse into the artistic and professional life of an artist. Let your creativity soar this summer!

Schulman Art Classes