Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inspired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Japanese Silk Screens and Tapestries

I continue to draw inspiration by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art. During this visit I spent two hours in the "Cezanne Card Players" and "Room with a View" exhibitions. After, I met my daughter for dinner at a "wine" bar where they played live jazz. Although she was tired from her visit to the nineteenth century art paintings, I convinced her to come with me to the Sackler Wing to draw from screen as and tapestries in the museum's Japanese art collection, from the Edo period. There we were greeted by lovely young docents who invited me to sketch the collections using white drawing paper and charcoal pencils. I was also given a small drawing board, kneaded eraser and little canvas stool to work on. My daughter chose to copy the abstract patterns depicted in the cloths whereas I settled in to focus on the faces.

Collect these paintings HERE
The Dreamer, original painting
Edo Mother by Schulman
Edo Beauty by Miriam Schulman
Edo Dreamer, 12x16" matted original painting

Edo Daughter
The initial drawing done freehand at the museum are done in charcoal pencil on paper. Back in my studio I painted with acrylic paints and added patterns and color. The art does seem to be inspired by Matisse and Picasso but really that is because those artist were greatly influenced by Japanese artists as well. I love these Museum inspirations!