Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So many paintings...so little time


I have been very blessed this month with many requests for commissioned work. These range from full size commissioned portraits of families to house portraits for real estate agents who use them as closing gifts. I just finished a portrait of three girls which I can't post yet because it is a surprise for the mother. It is really spectacular and I am anxious to share it! I also have a painting of a girl with her dog which I promise to post soon. Since I have to get house portrait done I need my 9x12" pad. On it I found I had started a drawing but never finished the painting. So today I gave myself a well deserved break from the commissions to finish the painting. It is shown above. I have listed it on my website to give my collectors a change to buy it before I auction it off on eBay. The painting is posted on my website HERE
A little about the painting: I hired a wonderful young actor/musician to pose for me. I have sold quite a few paintings of him. He looks younger than he is. He has that "boy band" look. I wanted to give something for him to do with his hands so I gave him a beer...which he felt uncomfortable holding....not that he said so but it showed in his pictures. Left me wondering if he refused drink or even pretend to drink because he had a problem with it. I chose the steps because initially I liked the abstract patterning of the rug against the skin. I also liked the patterns of the railings. In the end, I love the steps because metaphorically it can represent twelve steps as in a twelve step programs. While I painted this I was reminded how the model distanced himself from the beer even though it was right next to him. So that paradox played a role in this piece. I was also very happy with the technical qualities of how I handled the brush and the marks that I made with color on the paper. This is a very sensitive piece to add to your collection and the nudity is suggestive yet subtle.