Monday, June 8, 2009

Nude Female Abstract Art---Oil Painting on Canvas

"Lost in Bani" Title inspired by Bani in the Dominican Republic...just finished
reading a Junot Diaz book....absolutely wonderful.

In defense of painting in this "new" style....
Someone on the art& artist board wrote about my work:
Schulman, have you changed your medium? I thought you were doing beautiful and detailed watercolors that seemed to sparkle and zing.

Your latest works seem very different to me. Rougher, coarser, less facial definitions making the models seem less personable and more as a thing, as if you are taking out some aggressions on the canvas. Before, even if there was no face, the lines showed more delicacy as if there was caring about the body, the person in the body.

I'm not sure why it unsettles me so much to see such a different style from you. You are certainly entitled to create any art your see fit. And I'm in no way implying that there's anything wrong with your new art. The poses, the colors, etc., it's all cool. It's just that what I see worries me about your state of being in your soul. Are you doing ok?

my response:
It is interesting your emotional response to the abstract nudes.
They are unromantic observations of my models...these paintings are drawn from live models, real women, and my depictions of them on canvas are influenced by their psyches...
not flattering them but portraying them as complex human beings
regardless of race, creed, class or age. These canvas paintings
heighten the triangulated tensions in figurative work: figure -space-surface...line-brushwork-color....painter-sitter-viewer....biography-autobiography-history

And more:
I do believe it is true that when working in the watercolor medium I DO tend to romanticize my figures both male and female and idealize them. Perhaps it is because of the flow of the water and paint on paper and working with a quieter medium. As for my soul...I don;t see how can one create without emotional turbulence, but that is just me. Sometimes my art is the result on calming that turbulence down through tranquil expressions...these canvases have revved that up.
16x20" "Hallows"SOLD!
This body of work was begun in October 2008. Here I had asked the model to pose wearing a long black wig.
 "Madonna" SOLD
Title inspired by Munch's Madonna...resemblance to his painting