Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Day in the life of an artist: Drawing from the model

I have a small informal drawing group which meets in my studio
on a regular basis. This has been a great outlet for me. I get to
screen and hand pick the models. Finding a good model can be a challenge, although
there are usually plenty of non-professional volunteers. Last night I had posted a link to my yoga art series on craigslist and I've received 10 offers for models so far.

I like having the model come to my environment rather than working in one of the ateliers around the city. By the time I get into the city I am usually
exhausted and if I don't like the model it can be a huge disappointment.

Today's model was Melanie. Melanie is an artist herself who has been practicing yoga all her adult life. She arrived half an hour past the appointed hour in a cloud of smoke. But I must say she was fabulous. She twisted her body and arched her back into interesting poses making great use of her negative space and creating interesting lines and shapes. I did several more abstract and fluid drawings from this series.